Friday, January 3, 2014


***I just now realized this post had been saved but not published!! Busy holidays and being with family and getting back into the swing of things I am just now seeing this mistake! I am so sorry to my secret santa!!


I was so excited to check the mail and find my Secret Santa package had arrived! I was on my way to Chilis to get some to go food and sat in my car trying to open the package with my keys because I just could not wait! Needless to say it did not work.. 

As soon as I got home I grabbed a knife and tore open my package! 

Just could not wait any longer... ripping open the package like a 10 year old on Christmas morning! 

Here is a picture of everything all together!! Eek!! 

I just love this black frame! It goes perfectly in my living room and was actually wanting to find one similar! I love it!

Also got a Chic-fil-a gift card, which is my favorite fast food place, and used it right away for some chicken nuggets and fries I can't resist! 

I love this necklace! It is my favorite colors! Great find! 

I also love the stationary and pens, can never have too many of those! I am always writing notes and things down, and making grocery lists. I also received this cute table runner cloth that goes perfect in my dining room! The colors match perfectly.

I am so thankful for my Secret Santa this year, I had so much fun and love love love all my gifts!!!!!!!! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Secret Santa!!

I was checking my mail for days when finally a note showed up telling me I had a package at the front office. I was SO excited to pick up the box I hurried home to open it right away! A little background knowledge: I just graduated with my masters in education and will be looking for a teaching job soon. I plan for my future classroom to have a country western theme ;-) (Not sure why the pictures are so small, hoping you can click on them to make them bigger)

I could not wait to open everything up! There was tissue and wrapping paper everywhere! Here are some pictures of what I got!

Not sure how to flip the pictures but here are some stickers, some bookmarks, some certificates to give to students and a sherifs badge. I actually have something saved on Pinterest to use with a sherifs badge in the classroom for the desk police! So excited to have one! 

I ABSOLUTELY love this! It is a can wrapped in twine that I can use as a pencil holder for students. Totally western ;)

And the ABC blocks with rope and red ribbon will look adorable on a shelf or my desk! 

Here are some flashcards that I already have a list of uses that I can't wait to use them for! Also some western bandanas that i KNOW I will be able to use! So excited!

Here is a photo of everything I got! Also included were some great lesson plans and ideas to do for parents! Along with some great items that will be put to good use for lessons! 

I love everything I got SOOO MUCH!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! My favorite is the pencil holder!! Such a creative idea!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Secret Santa!

Life for me in Austin has been nothing less but hectic busy! Between papers, take home finals, and projects I have been up to my neck in school work. Any small break I get away from school work, I take it. One day last week I went down to check my mail and had a slip for a package that was at the office. I was so excited because I knew it had to be my Secret Santa box! I hurried to the office to find a note on the door saying the office was going to be closed from 12-1:30.. it was 2pm and it was still closed. After waiting for about 30 minutes i walked back to the office to find a new note that said the office would be closed for the rest of the day, ugh! So I did what I could.. woke up early the next day to get my package!

Look how cute my frame looks!!! 

I received:
*chapstick, which I am so happy about because I would consider myself addicted! :)
*Vanilla candles, which smell amazing!
*Christmas socks! Which I was wearing one of the pairs which is why it was not in the picture :-p
*An adorable little bag! I love the print!!
*An A wall hook.. I think I will either put this by my front door so I don't lose my keys or put it up in my bathroom as a towel hook!
*A scarf, which I am excited about.. my friend just came into town to visit me this weekend and she is the queen of scarves and taught me how to wear them so I can't wait to wear this one!
*A picture frame, which I LOVE!!!! I can't wait to print out a picture and put it in the frame! The frame fits in PERFECT with my living room decor/colors!!! 

I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO MY SECRET SANTA!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my gifts!!! :-D Now I am going to try to figure out who my little secret santa was ;-)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's beginning to feel a lot like winter outside! I need to start decorating for Christmas..