Sunday, December 4, 2011

Secret Santa!

Life for me in Austin has been nothing less but hectic busy! Between papers, take home finals, and projects I have been up to my neck in school work. Any small break I get away from school work, I take it. One day last week I went down to check my mail and had a slip for a package that was at the office. I was so excited because I knew it had to be my Secret Santa box! I hurried to the office to find a note on the door saying the office was going to be closed from 12-1:30.. it was 2pm and it was still closed. After waiting for about 30 minutes i walked back to the office to find a new note that said the office would be closed for the rest of the day, ugh! So I did what I could.. woke up early the next day to get my package!

Look how cute my frame looks!!! 

I received:
*chapstick, which I am so happy about because I would consider myself addicted! :)
*Vanilla candles, which smell amazing!
*Christmas socks! Which I was wearing one of the pairs which is why it was not in the picture :-p
*An adorable little bag! I love the print!!
*An A wall hook.. I think I will either put this by my front door so I don't lose my keys or put it up in my bathroom as a towel hook!
*A scarf, which I am excited about.. my friend just came into town to visit me this weekend and she is the queen of scarves and taught me how to wear them so I can't wait to wear this one!
*A picture frame, which I LOVE!!!! I can't wait to print out a picture and put it in the frame! The frame fits in PERFECT with my living room decor/colors!!! 

I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO MY SECRET SANTA!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my gifts!!! :-D Now I am going to try to figure out who my little secret santa was ;-)



  1. Well, I love it all!! And SO very YOU!!! What a cute scarf, and love the frame!! You always use chap sticks and socks!!! Perfect gifts for you!!! Your secret Santa was sure nice!!!!

  2. Alisha Girl, your Secret Santa did good. In my opinion she hit you right on the head. Great items and things you can use. You did an excellent job on your presentation of your gifts as well.

  3. Awesome gifts! What fun for you! Great idea to get chapstick. Never can have too much of that.


  4. Hi! I am liking all this Secret Santa stuff! You got some great gifts! I am patiently waiting for mine! Lucky lady you1

  5. What a wonderful array of gifts from your secret santa. Wonder who it could be?
    Merry Christmas :)

  6. Wonderful gifts! It looks like you got a great Secret Santa.

  7. What a wonderful box of goodies! I can only imagine how hard it was to contain yourself until the post office opened again!

  8. Oh wow, what great loot! You've been a good girl this year, obviously! LOL! Enjoy!! :)

  9. What an awesome package of goodies. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  10. If you're talking about Austin you must also be in Texas. I guess you're not my Secret Santa. I'm playing detective tonight. You received a great box of goodies. Enjoy!

  11. might be my SS, but not close enough to Houston. Your gifts are great. I live at the other end of TEXAS almot too close to Oklahoma.<;)

  12. Great package! Enjoy your wonderful gifts, just stopping by to see what all the Secret Santa's have been up to.